What is STHIX ?

STHIX provides a reliable high speed interconnection between internet service providers in Stockholm. STHIX is a neutral and independent, professional exchange. STHIX supply all kind of ISPs with the ability to join an Internet Exchange, no matter if you have 10Mbps or 100Gbps of traffic. We therefore supply our members with ports in the range of 100Mbps (that is 100% free) up to single or multiple 100Gbps ports.

What is an Internet Exchange ?

The Internet consists of many independent networks. An Internet Exchange is a place where Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can interconnect these independent networks and exchange Internet traffic with each other. This exchanging of national and/or international IP traffic on an Internet Exchange is generally known as "peering".

What is peering ?

Peering is the exchange of traffic between ISPs. In order to settle the terms to which this exchange takes place ISPs use peering agreements which often do not include an exchange of money. This helps to reduce the costs of IP traffic in a significant way.

Traffic statistics

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