New to STHIX

Welcome to STHIX!

Welcome to our introduction page! If you’ve come here it most likely means that you’ve established link on your STHIX port and been put into the quarantine VLAN.

The purpose of the quarantine VLAN is that we want to ensure that we see correct MAC addresses and that no unexpected traffic is flowing on your port. When you have been placed in the quarantine VLAN we will monitor the traffic flowing on your port and inform you if everything is OK.

When you’re placed in the quarantine VLAN you will be able to ping the following IP addresses in the STHIX IP subnets to verify that you’ve configured your end correctly.

The IP addresses to ping are:

  • Copenhagen
    • 2001:7f8:b0:0:ffff::1
  • Stockholm
    • 2001:7f8:3e:0:ffff::1

When you’ve verified connectivity to the IP addresses above, inform STHIX personnel by e-mailing support (at) or contact the person you’ve already been in contact with. When STHIX personnel has verified the STHIX end you will be put into the STHIX peering VLAN so you can peer with the other STHIX members.