STHIX launches an IXP in Copenhagen!

During the last week we have completed the installation of our new IXP in Copenhagen and we are now ready to connect new customers to the platform! Two ISPs have already connected, Portlane (AS42708) and City Network Hosting (AS42695), and we have more ISPs waiting to connect shortly.

The first phase of operation includes presence at GlobalConnect Copenhagen and Interxion Copenhagen! During phase two the new IXP, named STHIX-CPH, will also include 2 sites in Malmö on the other side of the Öresund making it a two-country distributed IXP!

To attract new customers in the region we offer FREE(!) 1G and 10G ports for the next 7 months (up until 2018-04-01) and an amazing 50% discount on 100G ports for the same time period. So take the chance and connect as soon as possible to take as much advantage as possible of the free ports. You will of course be able to cancel your port during the free period if you don’t want to continue when the free period ends. No catches!

The platform in Copenhagen, like Stockholm, will use Arista switches and we have peer-2-peer statistics available in our portal making it easy for our customers to see how much traffic they send to each peer giving you control over your traffic. Our portal also include features such as easily send peering e-mails to your potential peers with all information pre-filled. The Copenhagen IXP also have route servers like in Stockholm and Gothenburg, including support for Large BGP communities.

Together with this launch we’re also presenting a new, lower, pricing for 100G ports both in Stockholm and Copenhagen, which you can see in our price list.

More information about how to join can be found here or you can send us an e-mail at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!