Stockholm Internet eXchange (STHIX) has been active since the 22nd of December 2006. That was the date when the first two ASNs were connected to the IXP: AS8195 and AS30880. Since then we’ve grown to an IXP with more than 100 connected networks present in multiple POPs in Sweden and Denmark.

Below you’ll find some of the milestones in the history of STHIX:

  • First STHIX switches operational at Telecity Bromma and Stokab KN1
  • First members to join: AS8195 and AS30880
  • New locations: Port80 Hammarby, Interxion, Portlane
  • 30 connected networks
  • New location: Sungard Sätra
  • 50 connected networks
  • STHIX became active in social media such as Facebook and Twitter
  • >5Gbps peak traffic
  • 60 connected networks
  • New web site
  • Route Server platform deployed
  • First 10G customer connected
  • 70 connected networks
  • New locations: Stokab KN7 (replacing KN1) and Västberga DC
  • >10Gbps peak traffic
  • STHIX was commercialised to be able to handle the growth of traffic on the IXP
  • New location: Bahnhof Thule
  • >20Gbps peak traffic
  • New location: Availo Sätra
  • Started hardware migration from Brocade to Extreme Networks
  • >60 Gbps peak traffic
  • 80 connected networks
  • Focus on streamlining the platform
  • New location: Obenetwork DC
  • >100G peak traffic
  • >100 connected networks
  • First, and second, 100G customer port
  • Started hardware migration from Extreme Networks to Arista Networks
  • 10 year anniversary
  • New IXP outside Stockholm: Gothenburg
  • Launched a customer portal (IXP Manager) with peer-2-peer statistics
  • >170G peak traffic
  • VXLAN enabled Stockholm core
  • 2nd IXP outside Stockholm: Copenhagen