What is STHIX ?

STHIX is an Internet Exchange Point (IXP). It provides a physical ethernet switched infrastructure to ISPs and Internet related business companies to exchange IP traffic.

Why do STHIX offer 100M ports for free ?

STHIX has been created to help Internet development and traffic optimization in Stockholm. With no recurring charge for 100M ports, even the smallest ISPs are able to easily exchange traffic and optimize their network performances. STHIX wants to provide providers an alternative peering network for performance and redundancy reasons.

Can I buy or sell Internet transit over STHIX ?

Only free peering traffic is allowed on the peering VLAN. You are able to buy VLANs on the peering switches for transit services. For more information, please look at the price list and/or contact support (at)

Who are STHIX members ?

Most members are ISPs, Content providers or Telecom operators.

What datacenters is STHIX present in ?

Check out our Data Centers page. If you want to connect from a data center that isn’t listed on that page, we can most likely arrange that through one of our partners. Please contact us at support (at) to get more information.

Can I sell services to others members using STHIX ?

Yes, you can, but not over the shared peering VLAN.

Who can join STHIX ?

From a legal perspective, every company with a legal entity and an Internet related business able to follow the usage policy is welcome on STHIX. The technical requirement is that you need to possess an AS number.

How can I join STHIX ?

First verify that you respect policy requirements and then fill out the STHIX Connection Contract.

What are STHIX usage policy/rules ?

STHIX usage policy is available here.

Does STHIX have IPv6 or Multicast services ready ?

IPv6 is enabled since a long time ago. Multicast services are not supported.

Where can I find a glossary of Internet Exchange terms ?

Euro-IX made a complete glossary available here.

Does STHIX use trunk or access mode ports ?

STHIX use access mode ports by default. Trunk ports can be used if specified. VLAN 203 is used for the peering VLAN.

Where can I get technical advise on how to configure my STHIX port ?

  • Make sure you have read through a general configuration guide for IXPs. One example can be found at AMS-IX.
  • Contact us